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Writing an Author Bio

Exciting times are ahead and I am thrilled to announce that an editorial committee has accepted a short story of mine to be included in an anthology of short stories! They have asked me to write a one paragraph Author Bio and I thought 'Of course, no problem, I can whip one of those up in a jiffy!". Then I sat down to write it and thought, ahh, where to start when writing an author bio when you haven't been published before? So, I did what anyone would do, I searched online for advice - most likely the same as you if you're reading this.

After reading LOADS of author bios, I have now written one that I'm happy with. Here is my step-by-step guide to save you the trouble of trawling through pages of information like I did!


  1. Call yourself an author, if you write then you're a writer - don't give Imposter Syndrome a chance here!

  2. Reference your recent work or the project this bio will be aligned to, for example 'Nicola Forster, author of Flickers...'

  3. Show some personality, mention where your love of writing has come from and what inspired you to write your latest work

  4. If you have another profession in addition to writing, mention it. 'Nicola writes in her spare time, usually at the weekend because her day job as an HR professional takes up her weekdays.'

  5. Mention other hobbies if you have them. 'When she isn't writing, Nicola can be found enjoying a traditional Sunday lunch with her daughter Olivia and boyfriend Rob, binge watching her favourite show This Is Us or walking around the many beauty spots of Lancashire.'

  6. Use the last sentence to invite interaction with your readers. 'You can chat with Nicola on Instagram @nicola.c.forster or on her website

I hope this has proven useful to you.

Happy writing!


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