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Nicola Forster




The Daily Mirror, 04.02.2095


12th February 2095 marks the 65th anniversary of the Multiple Choice Act, brought in by Prime Minister Karen Hooper in 2035.

Almost seventy-five years ago, marriage was abolished and our youngest generation have grown in a society accustomed to the new and improved dynamic of personal relationships.

Today we are a nation proud of our low suicide rate and rare cases of domestic violence. Our work-life balance has gone from strength to strength over the last six decades as we’ve learned to share our responsibilities with our hugely extended families. As individuals, we are no longer responsible for the happiness of one person, instead we have spent the last 65 years changing the dynamic of personal relationships. Today we have multiple partners to meet all of our needs and expectations.

We spoke to Josephine Watergate, one of the last remaining widows, aged 98. “It still pains me to see no real commitment between two people, to never see a connection between two soulmates anymore, joined beautifully together in a ceremony. In my opinion, there’s nothing lovelier than seeing a bride and groom and one of the last I saw was myself and my precious Gary. We were two of the last marriages to take place before this ridiculous law came in. Gary was deeply saddened by this Act. It’s given people permission to be promiscuous and there’s no courtesy to each other anymore. Nobody considers anybody else, all that we have now is empathy and we make do with the best we can”.

While Josephine recalls her past, we have to take her age and timeline into account as well as her mental state. Josephine clearly teeters on the edge of rebellion, a dangerous position which could lead to a period in court, or even prison.

We speak to Cohen Farmer, Relationship coordinator from dating site “We’ve got great plans to celebrate the 65th anniversary. There’s going to be parades in every major city, street parties, pop up tents for orgies, sexual health checks and treatment booths, mix and match introduction events and drop-off child care. Today’s generation are fortunate to have never known the pain of heartbreak from relationship break-ups and that’s how we want to keep it. Everyone feels secure in their home life these days, resulting in a more productive workplace or career. Thanks to multiple partners, we always have support, there’s always someone to fill whatever need you might have whether it’s company on a night in, a date for a night out, someone to help with the kids, someone to make you laugh - we’re very lucky not to be tied to just one person, we’re free to do what we want with who we want and it was a dream come true when someone like Karen Hooper became Prime Minister, I’m sure she’s watching the events from hospital feeling proud and we wish her all the best.

Karen Hooper recently celebrated her 118th birthday after she was fitted with an artificial heart and began cell regeneration therapy thirty years ago.

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