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Procrastinating at its best

Last night I wrote over 2000 words of my novel and while in the zone, I set myself a target of 4000 words for today. It's 4:00pm and I've written about 20 words. BUT I blame Writing Magazine, my favourite magazine for writers because it's packed with so much information and success stories that it made me miss being part of a writing group. So I searched for a local one in my neck of the woods and my searching was fruitless.

So, drum roll please, allow me to introduce Authors, Books and Cats and North West Writing Community! You don't have to be searching for a writing group in the North West to enjoy the page but the group is ideally for us northerners because we may wish to socialise in the future when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted!

Yep, I created my own when I couldn't find one and at the moment, there are 2 members but it is only an hour old!

It's a short blog today, mainly because I really do need to get back in the zone, I'm missing my characters and I want to know what happens next!

Please take a look at the page and follow me if you like the look of it!

Much love


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