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Middle of a pandemic


Well here we are in the middle of a pandemic at the beginning of 2021 when we all thought we'd be celebrating the start of the new year and the end of a tedious one. Ahem.

As I'm sure many people have during lockdown, I have re-discovered my creativity, whoop! Last year, I was furloughed for 7 months and by October it became apparent that I would not survive the third round of redundancies at the company I worked for. To be honest it was a relief to be released from a job that no longer offered a scrap of joy.

I am so grateful to be one of the lucky ones, thanks to Tailor Made Solutions, I was interviewed and offered a job on the Monday after being made redundant on the Friday. I realise that is not the same story for thousands of people affected by the aftermath of Covid-19 and I truly thank my lucky stars that not only have I found a job I enjoy but also one that affords me time in the evenings and weekends to focus on my true love, writing!

I have been holding on to plots for novels, scribbled character descriptions and spent several hours on a couple of novels I feel are yearning to come out of me and my usual new year resolution is to write more. Like all resolutions, old habits soon come back and the goals move further and further out of reach.

This year I only made one resolution, to lose weight. That's it. Yes I want to read as much as I can, I want to learn digital drawing, I want to discover new walks, and of course I want to finish my novel, but I find creating too many goals adds way too much pressure and I end up achieving none! I decided if I have one goal, I have a much better chance of achieving it. I am technically obese according to the BMI calculator and with a family history of diabetes and cancer, I'd rather improve my chances and reduce my risks as well as setting a good example to my daughter. So what better way to stop eating each evening than to busy myself with writing, reading and blogging, win win I say!

If you've read this far, well done and thank you! Watch this space, I will be adding lots of content to this site, including book reviews, sample chapters and short stories.

Thanks for stopping by

Much love


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