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3 Act, 8 Sequence Structure Novel Planning

a template for the 8 sequence structure for story writing
8 Sequence Structure Novel Planner

This morning I attended a zoom meeting about goal setting and it was during this meeting that the '3 Act, 8 Sequence Structure' was mentioned as a great way to plot a novel.

This structure has been introduced by bestselling author, Alexandra Sokoloff. Alexandra applies screenwriting techniques to novel writing and it makes so much sense to me.

Writers just starting out might think such a planner looks complicated, but actually, you've been hearing, reading and watching stories in this exact format since you were a child.

Simply, the '3 Act' is the more familiar 'Beginning, Middle and End'. The 8 sequences ensures your reader is kept engaged throughout the book - this structure allows you to build in cliffhangers throughout your novel to keep the reader turning the pages and eager to know what happens next.

You can use this novel writing template to plot your novel from scratch or use it while editing an existing novel so that you can see if you have included enough drama to keep your reader interested.

I struggled to find a downloadable version of the template, so I have created my own which you are free to download but I must stress, it is not my idea and I cannot take credit for it, that solely belongs to Alexandra Sokoloff.

A novel writing planner to make sure your readers stay engaged with the story
3 act 8 sequence structure for novel writing

3 Act 8 Sequence Novel Plan
Download XLSX • 12KB

To edit your own version of the 8 Sequence Structure, feel free to use the sheet above.,

Please take a look at Alexandra's website and the books she has written.

I have just ordered a copy of 'Screenwriting Tricks for Authors (and Screenwriters!) STEALING HOLLYWOOD: Story structure secrets for writing your BEST book: Volume 3' and I will certainly be reviewing it once I have read it. In the meantime, I will be filling out the template to plot my novel so that I feel much more focused.

If you would like a copy of Alexandra's book, here's a handy link for you!

Happy writing everyone!

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